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Texting online is the first step to enter relationships with a woman. Getting useful tips on how to speak easy with a girl is like a breath of fresh air for western guys who do not know all the subtleties of contacting those special, yet so mentally-distant women. Learn how to text in order to please and get the attention of women with the help of this very special book, the all-to-everything guide to online texting with one of the most challenging relationships partners out there.

The problems that men face when writing the first message to girls are the same 94% of times. We carefully analyzed 7,000+ cases of western guys texting women. The patterns that we’ve included into this written guide will allow you to understand better the mistakes when composing the messages to girls. How to text a woman first shouldn’t be a riddle for anyone.

Below is the proven way to text good from the book that might come in handy to get the idea what women like in messages, how to charm them in less than a day.

Wrap Up with Social Networks

Girls are very suspicious, especially when chatting on social networks. They’re aware about the possible hazards if behaving to open and be accessible to everyone. This is why they’ve the personal checklist of criteria to move Internet chatting to real-life talks. How to get closer to her zone of comfort? Start your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Presence on social media is the indication of safety and adequacy of you as a candidate for real-life meeting, possible with romantic outcomes.

Trick a Woman With Your Sense of Humour

Yes, women who decide to go on a meeting with you usually have to be confident that they’ll have a great time. Women like men who can crack a joke or two not making her ashamed of staying close to you. Beware, you shouldn’t search for ready-made jokes on the Internet, this will ruin your texting with a girl. Instead, try to ironize on topics you both are familiar with. This is the only way you’ll learn if she appreciates your talent as a comedian.

Be Brief When Composing a Message

If you’re about texting a novel-sized message to her, then beware, she won’t respond to the next one. Women like brief and matter-of-fact messages that clarify your attitude to her. If you like her, write her directly about that. Being wishy-washy looks like a waste of time when looking at text chat from the perspective of a girl. Generally, you have to focus on the messages that have obvious ideas. Let’s go for a coffee? I like the way you look in that dress. Your smile makes me feel nice. See how simple those messages could be?

How to Open the Full List of Messaging Tips?

To get full access for the book, all you have to do is to register in the form below. Our sales team will contact you shortly to inform you about the details to get the access.

How to Get Access to a Full List of Texting Tips?

To get full access for the book, all you have to do is to register in the form below. Our sales team will contact you shortly to inform you about the details to get the access.


About the Author of the Book

Josh Carmichael is the relationship expert and couch. He operates as a freelance expert who consults couples and single people about building successful social ties. Recently, he has been heads and toes into analyzing romantic relationships with people of various ethnicities.


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46, Jamestown

Thanks to this guide, my online texting performance with women went superb. Every time I contact a woman, I feel much more confident about talking on different subjects. Slavic girls were my dream for a long time, now I can conquer them with several messages.

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31, Saint Hose

Never thought that I would be so thankful for a book. The guide like this makes online chatting with Slavic girls a breeze. I found out that I’m not that bad at texting. It can be rather fun than exhausting. And yes, I also had several amazing dates thanks to the book.

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49, Ottawa

Dating tips are usually generic and not helpful. Yet, this book shows that online texting advice with Slavic ladies might have a tangible shape. I felt the opportunity to become a pro in communicating with girls from Eastern Europe. The book proves that I wasn’t wrong.